Dairy Robotics

Putting AI in Dairy



We mount 2D and 3D cameras over the raceway.

We evaluate the body condition score and mobility score of the cows as they exit the milking parlour and pass under our camera.

With the help of our AI, we can analyze the data for trends, more sudden changes in condition and identify health risks earlier, allowing us to take action before they become more serious.

We deliver ‘Action Recommendations’ to the farmer rather than just delivering a score alone.

Why Health Eye?

Consistency & Accurate BCS

Manually scoring by various people can lead to inconsistent BCS.

Improving Animal Health

Body condition scores serve as a warning mechanism. When a cow deviates from the optimal Body condition score curve, you may intervene sooner, allowing your cows to be healthier and more productive.

Enhanced Milk Production

Keeping your cows in peak health during lactation ensures that fresh cow’s milk well and become pregnant on time and that you may cut feed costs and intakes in late lactation to produce profitable milk output and longevity.

Reducing Labour Cost

Manual scoring is no longer required with automatic body condition scoring. You may spend time on the farm to perform other critical duties while knowing that precise body condition scores are being collected automatically.




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