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Mobility Scoring and Body Condition Scoring in one brilliant plug and play device, the first of its kind.  Dairy Robotics Animal Health has developed a device that can do it all!  It can be easily installed as a standalone device to work with our Animal Health App or integrate it with your current farm management system. 

Monitor Your Herd with Animal Health App

Body Condition Scoring  (BCS) is an essential farm management tool. BCS is a technique to assess how thin or fat a cow is on the determined scale.

It is the first standalone application on the market to monitor your herd with the application and Animal Health device.

Body Condition Scoring

As it Is said healthier the herd, happier the farmer. To make your heard healthier our research team produced a device which will find your Herd’s Body condition Score(BCS) and Mobility (Lameness) Score. BCS will help farmer by

Consistency & Accurate BCS
Manually scoring by various people can lead to inconsistent BCS.

Improving Animal Health
Body condition scores serve as a warning mechanism. When a cow deviates from the optimal Body condition score curve, you may intervene sooner, allowing your cows to be healthier and more productive.

Enhanced Milk Production

Keeping your cows in peak health during lactation ensures that fresh cow’s milk well and become pregnant on time and that you may cut feed costs and
intakes in late lactation to produce profitable milk output and longevity.

Reducing Labour Cost
Manual scoring is no longer required with automatic body condition scoring. You may spend time on the farm to perform other critical duties while knowing that precise body condition scores are being collected automatically.

Plug & Play

Mobility Score

Mobility scoring is a system whereby cows are scored on a scale of 0-3 based on their mobility, with 0 being good and 3 being severely lame cow.

Our artificial intelligence model identifies mobility score by focusing on:

  1. Walking Speed
  2. Walking Rhythm
  3. Stride Length and foot placement (Back/Front)
  4. Weight Bearing
  5. Back Alignment
  6. Head Position while walking
  • Animal Health RFID antenna is very flexible and can receive tag information from both half duplex (hdx) for full duplex (fdx) tags, placed on ears, neck or leg. This identifies the animals and triggers the video recording.
  • An Intel 3d camera captures high quality 3d images of the animals back and hind quarters to be analysed.
  • Animal Health data processor renders the images of the animals and sends them to the cloud to be processed. The images are scored, health of the animal defined and the results are available to view via the app. Flags can be set for any animals showing change in bcs or outside of a predetermined threshold.
  • Keep Track of the health of every animal individually: This application has the record of each cow passing the camera with its BCS score. Based on Machine Learning algorithms, it notifies the farmer of the critical health status of the cow. Thresholds can be set by the user to define BCS scores in their ideal range, any animals outside of this range will be flagged.
  • Scoring Accuracy: Our unique system has the ability to be more accurate as we have models of various animal breeds, rating your herd based on a country-specific or global-specific choice of breed.
  • Analysis of the current data against past data: The Animal Health Application provides a visual representation of the cow BCS score. The previous records can be helpful to solve or monitor any ongoing health problems or flag anomalies at an early stage.

Animal Health works on an annual subscription basis. Register your interest at and we will send you an offer as an early adopter of this technology.

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